Kristien De Proost, Tristero

Au courant

theatre | 1h10
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Thursday, 17.03, 7:00 pm
Friday, 18.03, 9:30 pm

Portrait of the artist as long-distance runner. A strange and old-fashioned exhibition space. In the background sits an attendant, in the centre a woman walks and runs. And talks. She talks as she walks. She walks while talking. And never stops.

A beautiful head of hair
I am of average height, not wooden, and well built. I have naturally curly brown hair that is thick and long enough to pass as a fine head of hair. In my eyes there is something sad and a certain pride, which makes most people believe I am rather disdainful, which is absolutely not the case. I’m intelligent and am not afraid to say so openly because what’s the point of beating about the bush?

In Toestand a woman takes a good look at herself. She analyses herself with detachment and reveals herself in all sincerity to her audience. She promises to be objective and to confine herself to the facts. External features can be verified. But is this not an illusion? Doesn’t the truth lie precisely in what she does not reveal? Is what you see not mainly your own image of her? And what if she doesn’t stick to the agreements? Toestand sets out in search of what takes place just under the surface. For Au courant, Kristien De Proost was inspired by the razor-sharp self-portrait by the French writer François de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680) included in his collection Réflexions ou sentences et maximes morales (1665). A second source of inspiration is the penetrating, revealing self-portraits of the painter Lucian Freud (1922-2011).

TRISTERO is a Brussels-based theatre company, the artistic core being Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx and Peter Vandenbempt. Manu Devriendt is the company manager. Tristero is an associated artist at Kaaitheater. TRISTERO is subsidised by the Flemish community and by the Brussels Capital Region’s Flemish Community Commission. If you look at all TRISTERO’s productions, you will find them very diverse. Often new works or unknown pieces from the repertoire: good comedies and intriguing ‘well-made plays’, plus adaptations of prose, and also movement theatre or a mix of one or more of these genres. TRISTERO has a nose for less well known but interesting plays. They adapt them, making their own mark, and turn them into a theatre experience for a broad public, without turning it into mere entertainment. This results in intelligent and funny shows with a sharp edge. Several tracks TRISTERO stages different kinds of shows. Usually it starts off with being fascinated by a piece of writing, but it may also be a theme, a concept or an image. We make it our aim to research and to try out different styles. A different repertoire TRISTERO is constantly on the lookout for new or unjustly neglected or rarely staged authors/plays. This is why we have staged several Flemish premières and new creations (including Altijd ’t zelfde, Locos and Play with Repeats). Moreover, we do not limit ourselves to plays; in the past we have also successfully adapted prose. Humour Humour is an important asset: intelligent, but not intellectual, accessible but not vulgar; first lurid, then subtle; gloomy, but never cynical; sometimes absurd. Occasionally we choose real comedies, but even when this is not the case, we try to draw out the comical elements. Laughter is cleansing, lets us put things and ourselves into perspective, and may be a means of enabling the audience to deal with the absurdity of life. A collective Each member of the artistic core is equally involved in the creative process: looking for or creating new texts, dramaturgy, developing and acting. Brussels-based Tristero is one of the few Dutch-speaking companies in Brussels. So we contribute to the diversity of what’s on offer in the capital. We have two substantial partners in Brussels: KVS and Kaaitheater. As a Brussels company we consider it important to build an audience in the French-speaking community and to interact with the French-speaking artistic scene (e.g. our collaboration with Transquinquennal). Kristien De Proost Studied English and Dutch at the University of Leuven and Dramatic Arts at the Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp. As a freelancer she performed with Toneelhuis, HetPaleis, LOD, Crew and KVS. Youri Dirkx Studied acting at the Kleine Academie and has performed on stage mostly for Tristero, Dito’Dito and Théâtre Varia. He has also frequently worked with the artist Dora Garcia. Peter Vandenbempt Studied Germanic philology and Theatre Studies at the University of Leuven, has performed mainly with Tristero, Jérôme Bel and Kassys, and has lectured in the Theatre department at the Lemmensinstituut (Luca-drama Leuven).
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Conception, texte:
Kristien De Proost
en collaboration avec
Youri Dirkx
Peter Vandenbempt
Scénographie et costumes:
Marie Szersnovicz
Création lumière:
Harry Cole
Création maquillage et coiffure:
Marie Messien
Tom Bruwier
Bart Luypaert
Teaser, trailer et captation vidéo:
Mathias Ruelle
Image affiche:
Youri Dirkx
Kristien De Proost
Photographie de scène:
Mirjam Devriendt
Youri Dirkx
Traduction française:
Martine Bom
Kristien De Proost
Mark De Proost

Kaaitheater & Campo


Au courant (version Française)
du 25 avril au 12 mai 2017 Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (BE)

Toestand (version Flamande)
15 avril 2016 Geraardsbergen (BE),
16 avril 2016 Kapellen (BE),
12 mai 2016 Zemst (BE)
17 novembre 2016 Eeklo (BE)
22 novembre 2016 Bozar, Brussel (BE)
24 novembre 2016 Genk (BE)

On Track (version Anglaise)
11 novembre 2016 Kiel (DE)