Trajal Harrell

Antigone Sr. Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at The Judson Church (L)

What would have happened if, in 1963, the voguing scene in Harlem had met that of post-modern dance at Judson Church? With this fiction as his starting point, the American choreographer Trajal Harrell has created a show which offers a deliberately ‘impure’ view of the heterogenous influences composing contemporary dance.

Les Printemps de Sévelin

Chorégraphie :
Trajal Harrell
Avec :
Trajal Harrell, Stephen Thompson, Thibault Lac, Rob Fordeyn, Ondrej Vidlar
Décors :
Erik Flatmo
Lumière :
Jan Maertens
Son :
Robin Meier et Trajal Harrell
Dramaturgie :
Gérard Mayen


Salle 1

danse | 2h15 | 13.-


Mardi, 24.03, 19:00

Mercredi, 25.03, 20:30

Jeudi, 26.03, 22:30