Vincent Macaigne

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Théâtre de Vidy
theatre, performance / ~ 2h30
Price M (except special prices)
Thursay 23.03, 06:00 pm
Friday 24.03, 06:00 pm
Saturday 25.03, 08:30 pm
Sunday 26.03, 05:30 pm

A theatrical and plastic performance that portrays a melancholic and rebellious youth in the face of the collusion between art, power and money and for whom violence is only a form of renunciation.

To look at oneself. To look at oneself and face it, one’s own failure and one’s own weaknesses. To try to go looking for new collaborators. To attempt to listen to the noise of the world and to come out with a sensation. What did we achieve ? How to have faith in a gesture again ? How to turn a performance into an organic field of thoughts ? How to ask oneself questions again ?

Well, sorry I lose myself trying to justify a work that would rather be my own attempt to meet actors, collaborators, an organization, a public. The furious attempt to embrace the multitude of questions, of pain, of joy, of what one could have heard from the world during these last two weeks and four days of work.

Not to create a performance on current events. But on our dark and bright profundity. Our love and intimacy in the world. Our anger and fear of the future. Our culpability and the road already traveled. Not to resolve paradoxes and contradictions. To try to be bigger than the frame.

Here is what it has been like for me ! And I hope you could see my own failure, my own doubts and my own ugliness, my love, my anger and my great melancholy, but also my joy, our joy ! Our anger and our will to embrace !

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Text, staging and scenography:
Vincent Macaigne
Collaboration on scenography:
Julien Peissel
Jean Huleu
Lucie Basclet
Marianne Pierré
Matthieu Jaccard
Set construction:
Théâtre de Vidy’s manufacturing workshop
General stage management:
Sébastien Mathé
Staging assistant:
Salou Sadras
Jérôme Chapuis (intern)
Administration Cie Friche 22.66:
Camille Hakim Hashemi
Elisabeth Le Coënt

Thibaut Evrard
Liza Lapert
Clara Lama-Schmit
Sofia Teillet
Elie Autin
Mélissa Guex
Adel Juhasz
Clémentine Le Bas
Matilda Moreillon
Romane Peytavin
Nathan Topow
Jean-Ahmed Trendl
And the kids


Théâtre de Vidy
Compagnie Friche 22.66
TANDEM Scène nationale
Holland Festival, Amsterdam

Compagnie Friche 22.66 benefits from the support of DGCA - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (FR), as a Compagnie nationale.

With the artistic involvement of the Jeune théâtre national.