Marco Berrettini

No Paraderan

Dance/Theatre | 1h45
Price : CHF 15.- (except special prices)
Friday 27.03, 21h30
Saturday 28.03, 19h30
Sunday 29.03, 19h
Fifteen years ago, No Paraderan premiered in Paris and caused a scandal: Le Figaro dubbed it a “swindle”, Le Monde called it a “bad joke”. Based on the artists’ refusal to dish up a spectacle, this subversive piece has become almost mythical. It’s time to dust off the tuxedos!

Sparking a scandal fifteen years ago when it was first performed in Paris at the Festival d’Automne, No Paraderan takes the opposite stance to the famous Parade, the total spectacle designed in 1917 by Jean Cocteau, Erik Satie, Pablo Picasso and Léonide Massine for the Ballets Russes. Here, the seven dancers turn the argument on its head, refusing to dish up a spectacle. Dressed up for a gala, the protagonists spend the evening in front of a curtain that will never open. This eminently subversive piece on desire and frustration, described at the time as a “fraud” by Le Figaro and a “bad joke” by Le Monde, has become almost mythical. In a time when the society of the spectacle is turning to buffoonery, it’s time to dust off the tuxedos!

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Artistic direction:
Marco Berrettini
Chiara Gallerani
Stage design:
Bruno Faucher
Marco Berrettini
en collaboration avec Jan Kopp
Light design:
Bruno Faucher
Technical direction:
Nicolas Barrot
Felix Perdreau
Production, diffusion:
Tutu Production – Pauline Coppée

Marco Berrettini
Jean-Paul Bourel
Valérie Brau-Antony
Ruth Childs
Bruno Faucher
Chiara Gallerani
Gianfranco Poddighe
Antonella Sampieri

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