François Gremaud / Victor Lenoble


theatre | 1h | French (English subtitles)
Price: CHF 15.- (except special prices)


Tuesday 20.03, 07:30 pm
Wednesday 21.03, 07:30 pm
Thursday 22.03, 10:30 pm
Friday 23.03, 10:30 pm
Saturday 24.03, 02:30 pm
Sunday 25.03, 04:00 pm

Prompted by a research project, two artists digress on the notion of “partition”. Between poetry, rigour, conifers and whistle blasts, their performed lecture brings into play the winding paths taken by artistic thought.

François Gremaud and Victor Lenoble share a serious taste for the absurd and the quirky. When they are commissioned by the Haute école des arts de la scène to lead a common research project on the theme of  “partition” (French for musical score, Ed.) – one in Lausanne, one in Bourgogne –, the fruit of their exchanges goes astray from the very beginning. Between poetry, rigour, conifers and whistle blasts, their performative lecture puts into perspective the sprawling territories of artistic creation and the stakes of a collaborative practice.


After having begun studying at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), François Gremaud (1975) trained as a director at the Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle in Brussels (INSAS). In 2005, he founded the 2b company, a structure with which he presented his first creation, My Way, which met with great critical and public success. Over the course of the last ten years, the 2b company has created a repertoire of original creations made up of plays and short forms, often devised collectively: KKQQ, Les Potiers, Western dramedies with Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth and Michèle Gurtner as well as La Conférence de choses with Pierre Mifsud. Considered by critics as one of the most innovative companies of French Switzerland, it continues to tour successfully in Switzerland and abroad.

Victor Lenoble was born in 1985. Having graduated from the École régionale d’acteurs of Cannes & Marseille (ERAC) in 2007, he now lives in Saint-Germain-le-Rocheux in Bourgogne, where he mostly gardens and chops wood. Before the ERAC, he used to perform in Neutr, a situationist music group with Mathieu Besset in Dijon. As an actor, he performed under the direction of Jean-François Peyret and Philippe Quesne, as well as in the projects Bones and Applaude by L’Outil. He oversees and directs the projects of the IRMAR theatre collective with Mathieu Besset, developing work “about nothing and also about something”.

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By and with:
François Gremaud
Victor Lenoble
Administration, diffusion:
Michaël Monney

Conference-performance, conceived and realized within the framework of Partition (s) – Object and concept of scenic practices (20th and 21st century), a project of the Research Mission of  The Manufacture (University of Performing Arts) in Lausanne.

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2b company est au bénéfice du contrat de confiance de la Ville de Lausanne