Jan Martens

Rule of Three

dance | 1h
Price: Fr. 15.- (except special prices)
Saturday 17.03, 10:00 pm
Sunday 18.03, 06:30 pm

In a hardcore dance club atmosphere provided live by drummer NAH, with flashes of avant-jazz and DIY punk, a series of danced tableaux amazes at every turn. The delicately composed lace of these scenes gives the sensation of getting lost in the pages of a book. Seditious, fiery, direct yet meticulous, Jan Martens’ choreographic work meets the untamed and raw style of NAH’s drums to crystallise into a confusing and delicious symbiosis.

RULE OF THREE is a dance show that lies somewhere between a concert and a collection of stories, an untamed meditation which – as a reflection of our times – is based on contrasts: appeasement and explosion, accuracy and intuition, heart and mind. Jan Martens invites US producer and percussionist NAH, whose music features percussion performed live as well as programmed which he mixes with the sounds he finds. On stage, performers Steven Michel, Julien Josse and Courtney May engage in a dialogue with NAH’s eclectic compositions, pushing sensory stimulations further and further.

As a performer, Jan Martens has worked with such choreographers as Mor Shani, Tuur Marinus and Ann Van den Broek. In 2009, he began his own choreography. His work is both fresh and hardcore, mainly characterised by direct communication. His pieces have already earned him many awards. A regular visitor at Printemps de Sévelin, Martens was present in 2014 with VICTOR and Sweat Baby Sweat and in 2016 with The Dog Days Are Over

More informations

Steven Michel
Julien Josse
Courtney May Robertson
and/or Dan Mussett
Valérie Hellebaut
Light conception:
Jan Fedinger
Anne-Lise Brevers
Michel Spang
ou Marie Vandecasteele


International diffusion:
A Propic / Line Rousseau et Marion Gauvent

With short stories by Lydia Davis:
“Writing” and “The Dog Hair” from “Histoire réversible” © 2014 Lydia Davis © Christian Bourgeois éditeur, 2016
“Suddenly Afraid” from “Kafka aux fourneaux” © 2007  Lydia Davis. © Editions Phébus, Paris, 2009