Phil Hayes

These Are My Principles… If you don’t like them I have others

Théâtre de Vidy
performance / 1h15
simple English
Price S (except special prices)
Thursday 30.03, 09:30 pm
Friday 31.03, 06:00 pm
Saturday 01.04, 05:00 pm

Perhaps yes or rather no? Vegan or steak? Train or plane? In an exchange that is as much improbable conversation as it is oratorical jest, Phil Hayes and Nada Gambier maliciously question how our choices vary and in the end lead us to doubt about what we think…

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Conception and staging:
Phil Hayes
Collaboration on the creation:
Christophe Jaquet
Nada Gambier
Julia Hintermüller
Tina Bleuler
Patrick Rimann
Susanne Affolter
Communication and tour coordination:
Katharina Balzer

Phil Hayes
Nada Gambier

First Cut Productions, Verein Zürich
Lukas Piccolin
Gessneralle Zurich – Kaserne Basel – Südpol Luzern
With the support of:
Stadt Zürich Kultur – Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung – Ernst Göhner Stiftung – Migros-Kulturprozent