Tabea Martin

This is My Last Dance

dance | 1h30
Price: Fr. 15.- (exept special prices)
Thursday 15.03, 07:00 pm
Friday 16.03, 07:00 pm


A duet by and with Tabea Martin and Simona Bertozzi. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s one-act play Endgame. Two women are standing on an empty stage. They are searching for something and being confronted to their own end at the same time. Before they have even started dancing, the end is already present. Silence. Emptiness. Fragments. But with the humor it needs in order to keep going.

The literary work of Samuel Beckett, his existentialist perception of the absurdity of the world, have inspired Tabea Martin to this new piece. Absurdity has been part of her choreographic work and a field of interest, that has been accompanying and fascinating her throughout the years.

Becketts play Endgame deals with evanescence, the unending and repetition. The figures are exposed to decay and deadness but humor and absurdity don’t let them become desperate.

Together with Italian dancer Simona Bertozzi, who is capable of a highly complex and precise body language, Tabea Martin will dance on stage herself. Beckett’s texts will not be illustrated but are the source for movement material that creates pictures and searches for the existence stated between life and death.

What does it mean to every one of us to be confronted with your own end? How do we overcome our fear and the hopelessness like Beckett’s characters?

More informations

Tabea Martin
Simona Bertozzi
Tabea Martin
Simona Bertozzi
Assistant choreographer:
Tamara Gvozdenovic
Stage design:
Veronika Mutalova
Light design:
Simon Lichtenberger
Mirjam Egli
Musical advice:
Donath Weyeneth
Irina Müller
Moos van den Broek
External advice:
Sebastian Nübling

Larissa Bizer

With the support of:
Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BL
Pour-cent culturel Migros
Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung
Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art
Ass. Cult. Nexus and MiBACT (Ministerium for Culture and Tourism Italy)

In the frame of the Programmers Fund by Reso – Dance Network Switzerland. Supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council