Gilles Furtwängler

Un Peu Squeeze

performance/visual arts | 20 min
Price : CHF 15.- (except special prices)
Friday 29.03, 07:00 pm
Saturday 30.03, 09:00 pm
Saturday 6.04, 07:00 pm
Sunday 7.04, 06:00 pm
From performance to installation, the author and visual artist Gilles Furtwängler extracts poetry from the cracks of contemporary language through a collage of found and personal material, collapsing urban slang, bad translations, puns and oxymorons.

LThe work of the visual artist Gilles Furtwängler seeks to uncover the poetry that has insinuated itself into the cracks of language through a collage of found material – conversations heard on the spot, commercial-like slogans, declarations by public personalities – as well as his own texts. Using the oral as well as the written, Gilles Furtwängler highlights the fortuitous collisions that happen so often when we manipulate language. Neologisms, rhymes, bad translations, nicknames, puns and oxymorons are as many stratagems used to produce his literary arrangements. Un Peu Squeeze is an exhibition that will also welcome a performance on four dates.

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A proposition by Elise Lammer for Alpina Huus

Between January and September 2019, Arsenic, will regularly host exhibitions of visual artists concerned with the relationship between performance and domestic space. During this project, curated by Elise Lammer for Alpina Huus, the artists are invited to work across the various performance halls of Arsenic, challenging the notions of white cube and black box.