Fiamma Camesi/Malika Khatir

Do you know Schubiduwuah?!

theatre, performance / 30′
language: bad English
Price: Fr. 13.- (except special prices)
Friday 24.03, 06:00 pm
Saturday 25.03, 02:30 pm
Sunday 26.03, 04:00 pm

Did they come in through the attic? Have they come from another planet? They will try to break the ice and set about reinventing our lives. Through a strikingly original language they will share their memories – family photos, ritual songs – to gradually make our world a little brighter and a little lighter.

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Fiamma Camesi
Creation and performance:
Malika Khatir, Fiamma Camesi

Production and diffusion:
Cie. Sündenbock – Cristina Achermann
Gastspiele Zürichberg
Thanks to:
Daniela Lehmann and Stéphane Blok